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Wisdom the Key to Wealth

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By: Cynthia McPhaul


In introducing Wisdom The Key To Wealth, it is best to begin at the end. The end result of this book should bring about self awareness, direction, and a working plan of how to achieve the maximum benefits that life has to offer. A perceptive analysis would be to recognize one’s ability and strengths to succeed in any area of life. Wealth comes with a very big price tag but not out of reach. To gain wealth you must gain wisdom. You must have wisdom to use money wisely in order to gain its greatest benefits. We must realize that we can no longer blame any one else for our misgivings or our shortcomings. We must realize that it’s imperative that we succeed; in spite of our difficulties that we face day in and day out, and that we don’t fail because of our current dispositions. Wisdom The Key to Wealth takes a jump from infancy to maturity in one book; learning to focus, dream, and accomplish before we begin to work with our tools of survival. Its indictment of intensive soul searching has come to be the only way of letting go of the things that prevent us from being who we want to be and propel us to being who we were born to be. Wealthy principles and keys enables us to close the doors to the past so that we can walk through the doors of the future. This book reinforces the same abilities that we already possess but in a clearer light and with the belief that we deserve wealth rather than ‘can we have wealth’. Wealth awaits us! An inviting book, one for any educational background. Very readable and very enlightening.