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Godzchild Publications (hereafter, Godzchild, Inc.) is a full-service publishing company dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God through inspired writing and Christian book production. With the capacity to support both accomplished and aspiring writers from their first written page to their book signing for the completed work, Godzchild Inc. seeks to guide the inexperienced author who faces difficulty navigating traditional publishing avenues, and to support the seasoned writer who may be looking for greater freedom and collaboration in publishing equally.

Godzchild, Inc. is an unapologetically Christian enterprise. Its ministry, however, is to Christian and non-Christian writers alike. Its hope is to bring not only readers to authentic faith in Christ, but writers too. Unique in highlighting the diversity of Christian thought and experiences, Godzchild Inc. brings a new and wide set of perspectives to the publishing world.

Godzchild Inc. reserves the right to fully examine and accept, deny, or edit (with the author’s permission) the projects it considers for publication. While we welcome the opportunity to work with authors of various backgrounds and persuasions, we remain committed to Christ-like values and standards.

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