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Umbrella In the Storm

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By: Kenyonna K. Merrick


Everyone has pain. Everyone has disappointments. Everyone has a past. Everyone does not the courage to move on. Everyone does not the courage to speak up. Everyone does not have the courage to let go and let God. With that being said that was then, this is now! Kenyonna uses her life struggles, disappointments, secrets, pain and personal experience of birthing children out of wedlock, insecurities, growing up without the man who fathered her, low self-esteem, abortion suicidal thoughts, unforgiveness, and so on to help others who desire to come out of bondage. She wants to help women young and old who are going through the same situations know they have the power to overcome! She shares thoughts and words of encouragement from her heart in hopes of reaching others who are hurting and feeling alone. She hopes to empower women especially young girls and teens, and let them know they are to be loved, protected, respected, and cherished but it starts with loving yourself first! She feels it is her responsibility/ assignment to young girls (especially her daughter), teenage girls and women to be as open and honest about her circumstances, disappointments, and mistakes she made along the way, so they too can have healing and avoid going down the wrong path. This book is dedicated to every little girl, every young lady, and every woman whose innocents was stolen from them, whose voice has been taking away by the enemy, whose past is bigger than their future, whose unforgiveness is blocking their blessings, for all of the hurting women and girls who hide behind that beautiful smile and those you who do not know your strength.