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The Sacred Dance – Rebirth and the Call

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By: Adrienne Unae


A communication to you that the employment of dance art in the church, when held subject to The Word, is a powerful tool of evangelism. It leads and carries praise. It leads and carries worship. It exhorts. It prophesies. It plants seeds of faith. It delivers. It teaches. It is, contrary to popular belief, a tool perfectly willed by God to tear down territorial strongholds and wickedness in high places. The art of dance is a God ordained blessing to the body of Christ and the world. It is to be used for the purpose of not only bringing believers to a deeper revelation of our Father and The Who that He really is, BUT to bring the lost unbelievers back to Christ. Yeah, that’s it! God perfectly wills that we be utilized in all our talents, by Him, to bring lost souls to Him. Thus, the Jesus laden dance is to be employed by pastors to assist in the perfecting of the saints for the working of the ministry…God’s ministry.