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The Power of Perverted Potential

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By: Larry Covington

Have you ever had the chance to get to know someone and you admired them for the gifts , skills or talents they possessed? In your mind they had what it took to succeed, in other words they had potential and the sky was the limit but because of the decisions they made and the way they went about living their life sadly they never achieved much and you are left scratching your head reflecting on “what could have been”. Well that’s Samson’s story. Few Biblical personalities had the power and potential of Samson., but at times Samson allowed distractions and anger to cause detours to his destiny. Are you realizing your full capability for God’s kingdom or has life perverted your potential?> The Power of Perverted Potential will help you uncover God’s will and receive God’s blessing for your soul and spirit. Learn lessons about relationships, forgiveness and the timing of God from the Biblical strongman with some powerfully perverted weaknesses asDr. Larry E. Covington shares wisdom from the life and lips of Samson.