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The Perfect Pair

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By: Marcia M. Hodges

The Perfect Pair is a great “REALITY” book for married couples and anyone aspiring to be married! 

Like every little girl growing up, Marcia wanted to get married and experience an immediate happily ever after.  However, after saying “I DO” her marriage seemed far from happy.  For years she found herself unhappy, unsatisfied, lonely, and even depressed. Was this the end of her dream marriage? Longing to experience a fulfilled marriage, Marcia dedicated herself to learning how to celebrate her marriage in every area. 

With divorce on the rise and many marriages in turmoil this book brings a breath of fresh air knowing that marriages do work.  Through her many lessons, Marcia brings you inside her marriage and takes you on her journey to happily ever after. A transparent, straight forward and easy to read book that will:

* Challenge you to be a better spouse and couple

* Help you learn effective communication

* Teach you to build your marriage spiritually, emotionally and physically

* Empower and encourage you to “Celebrate Ur Marriage”