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Takesha Morse


Takesha Morse daughter of Vanessa Washington and Roderick Bullock was born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia.  She was raised by a  virtuous and woman of God, her grandmother Ineda Grandison.   She resides in Newport News, Virginia while serving in one of the largest organizations in the world, the United States Navy.  She believes in not only fighting for freedom for our nation, but for the freedom of your spirit.  She is a mother of three children, Tiara Utley, Khalif Utley, and Trinity Utley.  As a new author, she has a sincere heart’s desire  to serve God so that He may be glorified and His people be edified  through her writing and poetic expressions that will lead you appeased and appalled by the life experiences that speaks through the power of her words .  Her motto is “to live on purpose so that you can purposely live!”