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Shonise D. Twitty

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I was born and raised in Washington DC, My mother and Father Willie Cecil and Audrey Gilliams, both born of the Holy Ghost and a Deacon and missionary at BibleWay Church Worldwide under Bishop Smallwood E. Williams. At the age of 5years old, I was born again by receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost with fire. God has been good to me and merciful. He has covered me from a worldly life style for his purpose and reason. I have come to realize that I have always looked on others pain and mistakes that seem to have controlled their ability to know that God has come to save us from sin in any form and any action or no act of any kind. The word says we are all sinners shaped in iniquity. The Blood of Jesus has cleansed us from all unrighteousness. I have often felt that I have not shared the great love that God has for the soul that has tried every unimaginable sinful act in all walks of lifestyles. Until, one day he gave me this story while I was walking to 5 AM prayer service at 4:15 am in the morning. I had missed the bus that would get me there on time. I always like to talk to God to see what he wants to pray in His heart, than mine. The story came to me so fast that I could barley write it down. When I returned to continue to write the Spirit of the Lord gave me more. One day I will write a continuing story titled, “Do you see What I See” I remember one day telling him, Father I have not lived to taste the sinful pleasure of the world, yet you have shared with me their pain and deepest regrets. The rich, the poor, the needy, and the undesirables to the most desirable, in the eyes of God it is sin that he will not have come before him. Father I have come to hate what you hate and love what you love. The power of your healing and correction is beyond man’s finite imagination. You hate self-righteous and you hate the mind that allows the soul to forget where you have cleansed it from the swine of the enemy. God your mercy and your love is all we will every need to fulfill your undying plan for our future while on earth as it is in Heaven and the new earth to come. That very love which is Christ Jesus. I have by your grace and the hand of your Spirit in my spirit, come to experience the power of God that gives you the life of Christ, the fellowship of his suffering and the power of his resurrection. I do not share the experience of preaching or attending great schools and achieving great awards that places titles behind my name. Furthermore, I am not of great wealth having a lofty position. I love the Lord Jesus. I have belonged to him since he called me at my window while I was playing with my toys in my mother’s room. I heard him say, “Nissi its time to get saved now”. I looked in the sky and I knew it was God calling me to Him. I still see it in my eyes that day. I ran down the stairs to tell my mother what the Lord told me and she said I going to prayer today, I said, “I going to be saved today”. Hallelujah God sent Christ Jesus to take away the sins of the world. If you are in this world, walking among these souls, as shaped in iniquity, Christ Jesus died just for our sins in the future and in our past. His word says all have sinned and come short of his Glory. “If any man says he hath no sin, he is a liar and the truth of God is not in him.” God has given us the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and Power to overcome all wickedness of the devil. We shall overcome all temptations of the devil. This is the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ our God.