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Shaun Saunders

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Shaun V. Saunders, President of Godzchild Publications, is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Seton Hall University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature. He holds a second Master of Divinity degree from Duke Divinity School and is currently working on his fourth degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Shaun has traveled to England, Trinidad, Spain, Dominican Republic, Canada, and throughout the States to not only broaden his geographical horizons, but also to learn and expand his cultural understanding of worship and the ways Christian communities interrelate to God. Shaun is a minister of the gospel who loves to lead praise and worship and preach to youth and young adults. He presently serves as a Praise and Worship leader at Visions of God Family Worship Church in Plainfield, NJ under the tutelage of Pastors Paul and Sharon Dean. Shaun is married to Ana Esther Saunders, who also holds a Master of Arts from Seton Hall University in Higher Education Administration and aims to pursue a PhD in Educational Psychology.

A lover of music and arts for over fifteen years, Shaun advocates for all performative expressions of public or private ministry. For this reason, Godzchild Productions, a division of Godzchild Inc., features Christian plays and musical soundtracks for the general public. We also design theatrical productions and thematic skits for special conferences and retreats.

Shaun has taught as an adjunct professor of English and Writing at Seton Hall and is committed to teaching for the rest of his life. “I am inspired by creative minds, not a copy or clone of another person’s creativity,” says Shaun. His faith in God and the gift of education have together unlocked innumerable doors of opportunity in his life. The greatest of these has been Godzchild Publications, whose purpose was defined twenty-one years ago after Shaun’s grandparents launched the Holiness Pentecostal Church of Christ in Newark, NJ (without a high school diploma or letters behind their name). Education was their stumbling block, but Jesus was their Cornerstone. They chose to obey God’s leading and since then, have raised a generation of teachers who are studying at top universities in the nation such as: Yale University, Duke University, Drew University and Emory University. This publication company, therefore, seeks to assist all writers; especially those whose credentials (or the lack thereof) make it difficult to receive national respect or international attention. We are interested in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that cause Christians to rethink Christianity and encourage strangers to receive salvation. We publish positive and spiritual materials that engage the whole man or the whole woman. We are not restricted to religious texts alone, but we are openly and unapologetically a Christian Publishing House.

As the author of Seeing God in Everything, Blindspots: what to do if you don’t get healed; and co-author of WE Must, WE Shall: The Worship and Evangelism Workbook, Shaun awaits the day when Jesus will review the written offerings he has published, and hopes to hear God say with joyful appreciation, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”