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Packaging and Promotion: GP works with all budgets. We handle the details of your project from start to finish (securing copyright licenses, ISBN, Library of Congress, etc.) There is no project too big or project too small. Our promotion packages are designed to satisfy each client’s unique request. Whether you want a book signing tour, banners and flyers, a manager over your online purchases, a few hundred books for conferences and speaking engagements or thousands of copies made available through major bookstore chains (, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.), GP will make your dream a living reality.

Proofreading: So your manuscript is complete and you need a second or third opinion. Call Godzchild Publications and we will proofread your work as if it is our own. We take seriously the unique voice of each client, and this service will ensure that no grammatical errors or awkward phraseology will inhibit readers from taking your work seriously.

“Holy Ghost” Writing: Many authors are either too busy to sit down and write an entire manuscript themselves, or they have the time but they find it difficult to convey their thoughts onto paper. Godzchild Publications offers Ghost writing services to those in need of writing assistance. We help to put all of your pieces together. Our writers begin by learning your voice, reading any written documentation you have already composed, and we work diligently to ensure that the writer’s unique identity is recognizable throughout the manuscript’s entirety.

Transcription/Interview Services: Some authors would prefer to speak their book into existence. Godzchild Publications will set up a timeline whereby the author can be interviewed, or we will attend seminars or bible studies where the author finds liberty in teaching his or her book’s outline to a public audience. Once we transcribe your words, then we transform your audible speech into readable commentary.

Manuscript Editing: To edit with Godzchild is to enhance your project from mediocrity to excellence. Our editing services do not simply focus on the words written on the pages. We are interested to know your primary and secondary audience, so that your words and chapter titles will properly speak to those to whom you intend to convey your message.

Interior Formatting: Quality publications are not just determined by accurate grammar and a catchy book cover. Most readers are impressed by the image and text display on the inside of your book. Godzchild Publications takes interior formatting to an entirely new level. With unique precision and attention to detail, GP will craft a particular design within your book that gives attention to the words on the page.

Designing Book Cover: The most significant component of your book, the cover, is the first item on the agenda with Godzchild Publications. Our graphic designers are high quality, efficient, and produce excellent image options for your consideration. Each project we take on will allow for at least three varying book cover options. We realize that most readers do, in fact, judge the book by its cover. So let GP design a cover for you that will turn onlookers into committed readers.

Author Web Pages: On average, Godzchild Publications publishes at least ten authors per year. Each author has the optional benefit to promote themselves by way of their own author’s webpage. This page contains your bio, your book information, your own personal GP account, and allows for links to additional personal/business websites.

Writing Seminars: Are you surrounded by aspiring writers/editors/publishers who would like GP to host a writing seminar? If so, Godzchild Publications is available to host a seminar at your local church, business meeting, or social event. Our sessions include: How to get started; 10 things you need to know before you publish; But I don’t have a degree; How much will this cost me?; What if my writing does not succeed? It is imperative that any writer receives as much information as possible before making a career out of authorship.

Foreign Language Translation: For our clients who have gained international attention, Godzchild Publications offers translation services in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Korean. If any of these language options suit your desires, please let us know and we will make it happen for you!

Video promotional/commercial: Godzchild Publications prides itself in the details. April 2012 launched our newest endeavor for our published authors, Personalized Commercials. In these videos, our authors have the opportunity to promote their books, speak on the message and purpose behind their writing their publication as well as where the book may be purchased. These video promotional and commercials are made public in Youtube, the world’s greatest access as well as accessible for the authors to use in other websites and means of promotion.

Theme song jingle for your book: If you missed 2012′s Driven By Purpose Conference, then you missed out on the preview of “song jingles” for your book. Godzchild Publications has taken promoting your book a step further. Joined with NuFlow Productions, GP is now offering our authors songs to accompany their books for the purposes of promoting their books in a world with music is most influential. Whether you desire a snippet or any entirely produced song, GP caters to your needs and to the vision of preparing you and your book for mass production and influence!