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Rev. Dr. Sarah L. Adesanya

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Dr. Saundra Wall Williams Rev. Dr. Sarah L. Adesanya grew up on a farm in a little town in Mississippi called Prentiss. In 1999 Dr. Sarah came to the Washington, DC metropolitan area on full basketball scholarship to Howard University. In 2001, she received her call and made covenant with the Lord as she promised him to go, do and say, thus sayeth the Lord. In 2011 she graduated from Seminary with a Doctorate degree in Pastoral Counseling.

Raised by her grandparents, she was taught wisdom at an early age. “My grandfather would sit me at knee and tell me stories and principles for how to make it through the storms in life and my grandmother used to make me read the Bible to her every night before I went to bed. I didn’t know it then but I know it now- she was setting me up for destiny.” Overcoming trials, setbacks and disappointments, Dr. Sarah has managed to become an international gospel recording artist, create her own fashion line Olori Fashions, and make her own perfume fragrance while preaching, teaching and sharing the gospel world wide. “My greatest desire is that all were healthy, wealthy and sane. Life can poke holes in our fantasies or our images of who we are and it hurts. It’s happened to me. I’m sure it’s happened to some of you out there at some point in life. It can make you question if you heard God.

One day I was crying and asking God, ‘why me, Lord?’ Why do I have to hurt like this? He simply said ‘Daughter, you put your self there. I never sent you to those places. You went out of the compassion of your heart but nevertheless without the backing of heaven. Because you were out of the covenant, you got hurt by wrong relationships. When they hurt you, you wanted to prove them wrong. Since then, you’ve been so busy trying to prove everyone else to be wrong about you, that you never took the time out to prove me right about you.’ Don’t live anyone else’s version of your life. Don’t be anyone else’s definition of you. Don’t be your definition of you. BE God’s definition of you and make a Choice For Destiny!