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Potential: Don’t Take It To The Grave

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By: E.D. Richardson

The inspiration for writing this book came from the years of observing and listening to people I have met, ministered to, counseled, and known over the past years. I have heard many excuses, stories, and reasons why life was what it was, and why goals, visions, and dreams had been abandoned and were laid to rest. And some were never even considered! It seemed, and yet seems, that for the masses, there is not any motivation to be more than “everyday…ordinary”. There is a minority of people that live their lives in the “extraordinary” realm, and it is because they realize that life is bigger than what they have seen others settle for! Allow me to share with you a fictional story that reveals a moral truth about people and life. There were three friends that had the nicknames of “Would’ve”…”Could’ve”…and “Should’ve”. They all had their weekly time of socializing, hanging out together. They always talked about their past, what they were “intending-to-do”. They had now become of age, and had concluded that life was pretty much over for them. Like many people today, they had secluded their circle of influence to like minded people. They knew others that they sometimes socialized with nicknamed…”I’m Gonna”…”I Plan To”…and “One Day”. They all had one thing in common, and that is…they had been in the company of “No Can Do”, and had taken their advice about life. “No-Can-Do” had persuaded them and convinced them, that life as they knew it was the way it was meant to be. You know, have a basic job, make ends meet, be content and settle for the hand you been dealt, etc….etc…etc… Well, one day they all died, and was buried in the “BY THE WAYSIDE CEMETERY”. They had plots together in the area known as “WHAT-A-WASTE”. It was a sad day for each of them, because they left this world with so much talent, so many gifts, and with extraordinary abilities that were never exposed! It was a shame that they never got to meet the trio of “I Can”…”I Will”…and “I Did”. These were the friends that had moved away from the town of “Procrastination”, and out of the company of “Ain’t No Use”. They had left the life of ordinary, and was living the extraordinary life! They had released the potential that was within them! They were establishing a life that would both challenge the next generation to excel, and that was blessing the generation of their day. So then, the moral to this story is that, you don’t have to live in this world unfulfilled, afraid to try, and settling for less. You don’t have to die with regrets, and not have made the generation behind you better as a result of what you didn’t do! In this book, I talk about procrastination and the dream-blockers. I share about those that will assist you, and how to refuse those that say no to you. Yes, behind each page is inspiration, motivation, and insight that will provoke you to wise up, gird up, and move up in your life! I know that there is more for you to achieve, but you need to be convinced of that yourself. My purpose is to get you moving in the direction that will lead you to your desired destination in life. You don’t have to die and be buried in What A Waste cemetery! You don’t have to live any longer with regrets. You can do it, and I am doing everything in my power to provoke you to do it! Whatever your dream, vision, goal, or calling in life is, you have the talent, gift, and ability to make it happen! So open up these pages, and get inspired and motivated to not die and take your potential to the grave.