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Phase Two: Freedom to be Me

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By: Mubo Marian Ojo


Phase Two: Freedom to be Me is an inspirational, truth-telling memoir of a young Christian woman who found her unique voice in the midst of devastating life trials. Phase Two demonstrates how a moment of crisis does not have to overwhelm and end your life but you can rise up through the trials, pains, difficulty and you’re your destiny. Unveiling the backward message we preach of loving your neighbors as yourself, but neglecting part B; loving “as yourself.” That’s an incomplete love. Ojo describes her life as a Christian. Through real circumstances, and life changing stories, Ojo shows the reader how surrendering to God and becoming responsible will free you from a lifetime of heading nowhere. She held a very prominent position in the church and every one held her in high esteem, yet they were unaware that her life, behind closed doors, was falling apart. While she catered to the needs of everyone else, her own needs were neglected. What Ojo thought she kept for years finally came crashing down; her marriage. After many hours of standing naked before God and allowing herself to truly live and know the love of God for herself, Ojo can genuinely offer by grace, what she has received by grace – the pathway to healing.

Phase Two, is a source of enlightenment and hope for others because it touches on the issues we attempt to keep a secret and never want to talk about. There are many unhappy people in the church and while we play religion and put on our masks, there are many men and women crying silently for help. This book points the way to restoration, hope and true experience of the divine love of God.