Our Testimonials

“Don’t Look at What is, But Look What’s Going to Be”

I was very pleased with how the book and the book cover turned out, all I get is nothing but beautiful comments. I wouldn’t have had anyone else to have printed by book but Godzchild Publications because of the success and blessing that I am receiving from this book. I Thank You for all your hard work that you have done to make this book a success for me may Gods Rich Blessing be with you always. Thanks!

Judy Turner

“All for my Good”

I want to say thank you for helping me birth one of my many babies…my first book. It has been a pleasure working with everyone.

Natasha Bryant

“Dried Tears: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming”

Godzchild Publications was simply “God Sent” when it came to my publishing experience. Not only did they walk in excellence but they treated my project as if it were one of their own. I have always had access to them and they displayed excellence in their work ethic. They continue to be great partners as it relates to the success of my book and making sure we get the gospel to reach the nations! I will and have recommended them to several writers and will continue to do just that!

Jennifer Schumpert

“Altered at the Altar”

I am writing to you to express my publishing experience. When I first began writing, I wrote the story during my past time. I wrote it as though I would get it published, not knowing I was really going to publish it. When the story was complete, I toyed around the idea of publishing it. I began looking into publishing houses, such as xlibris and authors house. I’d seen the work of authors house and they ultimately were my choice. I began making phone calls and looking on their websites for publishing information. I was a bit concerned about using either of them. Their rates were outrageous. I was debating on having certain things done through different channels. It was a bit frustrating. I was looking for my own editor, my own designer, and I honestly felt I should not have to do all of that. I wanted it all through done one company. The entire experience with them was so impersonal. They had a job to do and they were doing it; but that is all they were doing. That did not sit well with me. I felt like all they wanted was the client. Everything works according to God’s divine plan. God made me and it was brought into fruition. My mentor/friend, Paulette Exile, attended a conference you all were at and she obtained your information. We, both, were interested in publishing. She suggested that I look into Godzchild Inc. I did. It was the best suggestion ever. The experience was one that I will never forget. You all made it personal. In the midst of my publishing journey, not only did I develop a relationship with you, I learned from you. I learned to do all things at the best of my ability, because my representation is on the line. You never verbally stated that “We do this well because it represents us.” It was just done well. You all took pride in your work. I appreciate it so very much. You showed me better than you could tell me. I am incredibly impressed. When I sit back and reflect on my overall experience with Godzchild Inc., I can say that it was a great experience.

Tameka Strong

“Journey In Discipleship”

I met Shaun at the Aldersgate Renewal Conference in Charleston, WV and had a table that described all that they did in the publishing of books. I had just finished writing a book and was in discussions with another publisher and as I spoke several times with Shaun over the phone I felt comfortable talking with him and visiting with him about my book. I found Shaun to be very encouraging as I pursued the printing of the book. Shaun was very interested in my questions and encouraged me ask as many questions as I might have. After praying about using Godzchild Publications and talking with some of my friends I chose to go this route. Shaun and I began our discussions about publishing my book. I did not feel under pressure about the process, but felt comfortable. Shaun helped me through the process of application and cost of printing. Shaun was very up front about the time lines, costs and responsibilities both on my part and his part. Well, I began to send chapter and chapter of my book to Shaun and we would go over each chapter to make sure grammar, style and the content was clear. We painstakingly went over and over the book, which I appreciated very much, because it communicated the seriousness how they went about their work and the integrity they showed through the entire process. Finally, when the book completed I was very impressed with how the book was laid out, the font style that was used and the cover communicated everything I was seeking to say in the book. Then, toward the end of the process, just before the book was released they suggested several ways to market the book and have helped in setting up a book signing. From beginning to the end I have been pleased about the entire process of publishing the book. Working with both Shaun and Ana has been a blessing and have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as we have worked together those many months.

Ray Petty