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My EX Wants me Back: Don’t let your past have a future

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By: DeMarcus M. Pierson


You have finally decided to move forward in your life with God and everything He has predestined. Things are coming together now because you’ve made the decision to change your surroundings, job, friends, relationships, and anything that resembles your past lifestyle. All of a sudden, you get a call, a text, a visit, or a memory that just shows up out of nowhere. It’s trying to convince you to come back. The choice is your past or your future.

The book My EX Wants Me Back exposes the potential pitfalls and deceptions that Satan uses to pull us back into our past. By the end of this book, you will be freed and delivered as you learn practical steps to overcome the urge to not go back. This life changing book will ensure that your past will never have a future!