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Momma Married A Man

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By: Ruth Halsey


George and Ruth Halsey were the typical African-American couple–married at a young age, college sweethearts, and a handful of bills to pay with no hope in sight. Their lives changed drastically when they stumbled upon a business endeavor that would make them more successful than they ever imagined.

Like an eagle, the Halsey’s have triumphed beyond the norms of society. Like a diamond, the two have sparkled into achievements incomparable. George’s comedic speeches have lightened the hearts of thousands in America and abroad. Ruth’s passion to help others has inspired entrepreneurs to find personal success and inward joy. Together they have encouraged the world to dream bigger and take risks.

Momma Married a Man is a behind-the scenes autobiography of two great legends with a love for humanity, a gift of service, and a real-life experience of faith, love, discrimination, and fortune.