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Miss Me with Negativity

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February 2014

By: Alana McCarter

Miss Me With Negativity is a 31-day interactive devotional designed to assist all in dismissing a negative mindset and character once and for all.  This is not the traditional devotional.  It is relevant, relatable, authentic, amusing, applicable and created to bring a simplistic depth of understanding Jesus Christ and God’s love.  Through this devotion you are guaranteed to grow even more intimate with God, appreciate the essence of His word and most important transcend to an undeniable place of freedom through positive confirmations and affirmations through the word of God.  It is so easy to automatically expect the worst in a world like the one we are apart of however Miss Me With Negativity is the perfect tool to keep your hope and expectation consistent with God’s promises for your life no matter what the circumstance.  This is a timeless devotional that will produce endless revelations as you embark on the journey to be the absolute best representation of God’s thoughts and ways ridded of NEGATIVITY OR BONDANGE IN THE MIND OR HEART.  You are an atmosphere changer and Miss Me With Negativity captivates your boldness and unleashes your resilience to honor the great commission and win this world through JESUS CHRIST and a POSITIVE CHARACTER.  Bye bye negativity YOU ARE POSITIVITY!!!