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Kellie Thompson

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Kellie Thompson is a native of Washington, DC. She has been a hair care specialist for over 10 years and in that time has created a hair resource center ( for thousands of women to access the key to their hair’s wellness, especially in the African American community. She has traveled the country as a beauty professional and platform artist for the reknowned Dudley Product Company and Elasta QP. Her work has been featured in national magazines such as Hype Hair, Style Q and featured on the cover of Black Hair as the # 1 hairstyle of 2007. She is a two-time winner of The Golden Scissor Award, which was featured on the public television channel PBS.

This catapulted her into other television appearances such as the reality show “Textures and Tones” on TV One and the local morning news on FOX 5. Kellie’s exposure is not limited to the screen, but she has graced the airwaves as well via various local and national radio stations such as Heaven 1580, WHUR 96.3 and various Radio One stations. She works with hundreds of children in her local community by volunteering as a Sunday school teacher. She is President and CEO of, a business that empowers women to become fashion jewelry consultants to earn extra income for their families. And after three years of being a M.A.C. professional, she recently launched her cosmetic line Successful Looks Product, Inc. (SPI). She Has a 3 year Certificate in Biblical Studies fron Spirit of Faith Bible Institute. And is an active leader in youth ministry. She is the Vice President of Not My Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on at-risk, inner-city youth. She has spoken to hundreds of children, sharing her life experiences as a source of hope in an uncertain world. She is a leader and mentor to many and her life has inspired many and she has vowed to continue to fight for her generation and the future generations to come.