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E.D. Richardson


Bishop Richardson is the Founder and Pastor of New Beginning Empowerment Church in Hampton, Virginia, where he oversees numerous ministries that he and his belated wife implemented. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Intime Outreach Inc., a non-profit community development corporation, also based in Hampton, Virginia. Bishop Richardson is a member of the Council Of Bishops with the International Ministers Covenant Fellowship under the leadership of Prelate Bishop L. N. Peterson. Bishop Richardson is the author of “Beyond The Vows”…a book that deals with marriage relationships beyond the place of your vows. A very informative and enlightening book. He is a Ministry Trainer that believes in “Excellence of Execution for the Work-Of-The-Ministry”. He conducts an annual Leaders and Workers Workshop, and avails himself for Ministries that are serious about having Divine Order and Ministry Excellence in their works. Bishop Richardson thrives to stay on the cutting edge of modern day ministry operations, and constantly seeks to excel in ways to reach the masses of lost souls. He has a heart to see the Church living in Divine Kingdom Order, and receiving Divine Kingdom Promises to manifest in their lives daily. His ministry assignment is expanding in this time of his life to include the continent of Africa. And he is expecting the Lord to expand it further before his time is over in this earth. He is a straight arrow shooter when it comes to delivering the Word of God, he holds nothing back. A voice that exudes the anointing! His delivery style is captivating, thought provoking, spiritually challenging, and illuminating to say the least! He has a saying that goes: “love me or leave me…you’ll never forget me”! Once you hear this great man of God minister, you understand why he says this. Bishop Richardson has four adult children, and ten grandchildren. He currently resides in the city of Hampton, in the state of Virginia.