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Diggin’ For Treasure

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By: Rev. Dr. Arlecia D. Simmons

In our lives, it is often after testing by elements such as illness, isolation, family drama, financial struggle, and rejection that you experience the necessary pressure which aids us in becoming the jewels God designed us to be. When we take some time to do some diggin’, we unearth testimonies that amount to treasure. Or as my Gullah kin would say “tredjuh.”

In “Diggin’ For Treasure,” you will find what I call “jewels,” which are devotional entries that will prayerfully encourage your hearts, challenge stagnant spirits, ignite laughter, and help you begin the excavation process to discover your own treasure.

I have dug through emails, journals, blog posts, and my memory to share with you 40 jewels for your journey. Enjoy and as always, look and live!