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Cynthia McPhaul

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Cynthia McPhaul, a Minister of the Living Word of God and has a passionate purpose for what God has called her to do. She has dedicated her life to building up the self esteem and character of the people she meet and touches those who has had the priveliedg to hear her speak. From brokenness to humbleness, Cynthia’s gift is focused on the inner holiness, wholeness and the integrity of the personal character. It is truly evident that she is concerned with how you live your life and how to live in the fullness of God, walk in the character of God, and operate in the integrity of God simply by the way she ushers you into Gods plan for your life. Her approach makes believers look inside themselves and unbelievers recognize the Cross and the plan God has placed for us here on earth. Living the life of wealth is easy when you know that its simply waiting on you. Personal and professional life: A wife, mother, grandmother and retired design engineer.