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By: Shaun Saunders

Dear God, The cancer didn’t go away. Dear Molester, the memories haven’t disappeared.

Dear Mistress, my marriage is still strained.
Dear Prayer Warriors, my loved one is dead.

And you expect me to worship? You expect me to forget those things that are behind me? easy for you to say—you weren’t born blind. You’ve never had your sight snatched away from you. You don’t know what it’s like to carry my issue.


What would you do if God healed everyone else but you? Would you celebrate if God reconciled their marriage and not yours? Could you still worship if your best friend got the job you’ve always wanted? What if the spouse you’ve been preparing for all your life, never shows up? You’ve been praying to find someone who understands. You’re tired of people putting wrapping paper over your pain. They’ve decorated your wounds and screamed “God is able!” But you’re still bleeding. You’re still burning. You’re still blind. After you finish this book, deliverance will have a new meaning. You may not get “healed”… but you WILL get help.

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