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Barack Obama – A Root from Dry Ground

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By: Dr. William H. Murphy Sr.


This compilation or composition contains a brief assertion of each topic contained; each general theme was truly given by the inspiration of God. In fact each topic was a revelation from God. (Jehovah God) wants the world to know that He is the cause; cause for the election of President Barack Obama. He (God) dictated the words as he wanted to proclaim. Everything here in the earth realm had to be just right for the coming of a Black Man known as Barack Obama to be the first black man elected president of the most powerful nation on planet earth United State Of America. In the fullness of time came Barack Obama. Heaven ordered this special man to achieve the supreme goal. It took many years much preparation; many human sacrifices to accomplish such a great task, so much had to be accomplished to develop a nation to the receptive of a black man for president. The man that God ushered into this environment had to be characteristically as the late Jackie Robinson, who was very special in order to integrate professional baseball. A man that could withstand the cat-calls, etc: Laying the political landscape for such an achievement. Certainly it was not easy. It required an Abraham Lincoln scenario of political loss to prepare and teach Mr. Obama the lesson he needed to become successful and his political flaws inspired him and gave him hope, faith and optimism to press on the upward way. President Barack Obama and the First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama, believed that they could, with proper organizational structure win not only the democratic nomination: But win the Presidency as well. Upon entering the political arena for U.S. Senate and winning it, the uniqueness of his campaign also won him the White House. President Barack Obama has been compared to the thirty-second president of the United States of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt; for his ability to achieve in difficult times, which is so unfair considering the fact that President Roosevelt was white, and President Barack Obama is African American first the black man to hold this Prestigious office. Nevertheless the achievement of the President during the first two years of his presidency has been accomplished through seemly impossible circumstances. The President has manifested calmness and coolness in the midst of unusual challenges. Even the religious affiliation of the President has been questioned. But again the old say is iron Sharpens iron therefore all the fiery-darts thrown at him served only to bring out the best in him. The integrity of the Presidency has been enlarged extensively to give credit to all his achievements.