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Born Identity

Have you ever been told to introduce yourself to a group of strangers? If so, most of us begin with two things: who we are and what we do….as if our profession is inextricably attached to our person. This is the struggle that many of us face. Since we don’t know who we are outside of the roles we perform, we end up auditioning every day of our lives on a stage […]

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Myron Butler

One of the most exciting and influential young voices in modern gospel music, Myron Butler is making a name for himself as a singer, songwriter, producer, and now author. Myron Butler has enjoyed massive gospel radio hits with “Set Me Free” and “Stronger.” The success has led to Stellar Awards, Grammy nominations and a reputation as one of the most in-demand men in gospel today. Butler serves as the Minister of Music […]

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31 Ways to Use Leftover Pizza

31 Ways to Use Leftover Pizza is an illustrated children’s book for all ages. It shows several silly ways to use pizza even after the consumption phase is over. People of all ages enjoy pizza, but making it fun for children to use their imaginations is priceless. From pizza as a hat to using pizza for a wallet, “31 Ways…”is only the beginning when we open our minds to all of the […]

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J.E. Lindsay

A native of Tyler, TX, J.E. Lindsay is passionate about working with children and young adults while teaching them that through God, anything is possible. He graduated Cum Laude at Tyler Junior College with an Associate of Arts with a major in Criminal Justice. As a Juvenile Supervision Officer, he has worked closely with misguided youths showing and teaching them that God loves them, even in the midst of their storms. He […]

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Mya Speller Cullins

Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, Mya Cullins is in a league of her own as she juggles numerous hats–being wife to Quinten, mother to Nygil, Kayla, Quinten, Jr., and Kamron, lifetime member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, and holding the reigns as COO of her own thriving company, Changing Phases Behavioral Support, based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a passion for people and a zest for life that supersedes that of […]

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In My Father’s House: Living in the Shadow of the Almighty

In My Father’s House is a direct revelation of God being an ever present help throughout the struggles life brings upon even the youngest child. The favor of God, coupled with his covering is exhibited throughout the childhood of this young girl and the numerous struggles she encountered while being brought up in the home of an individual who would later become her greatest stepping stone, and becoming a teenage mother, unaware […]

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Be Made Whole: Defying the Deadliest Cancer

God I know You healed me, but I still have the scars.  I know You delivered me, but what if it shows up again?  I know You spared my life, but for what purpose?                                                                                You know, church folk […]

Surviving from Broken Pieces

Survivng From Broken Pieces is a book written to inspire women by letting them know, that no matter what you are going through, or no matter what you had to face in a relationship you can make it with Christ Jesus in your life!  Through those relationships they may not always know why they have to experience some of  the character builders and circumstances they may face, but in due season God will reveal […]

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Takesha Morse

Takesha Morse daughter of Vanessa Washington and Roderick Bullock was born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia.  She was raised by a  virtuous and woman of God, her grandmother Ineda Grandison.   She resides in Newport News, Virginia while serving in one of the largest organizations in the world, the United States Navy.  She believes in not only fighting for freedom for our nation, but for the freedom of your spirit.  She is a mother of three children, Tiara Utley, Khalif Utley, and […]

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Diggin’ For Treasure

In our lives, it is often after testing by elements such as illness, isolation, family drama, financial struggle, and rejection that you experience the necessary pressure which aids us in becoming the jewels God designed us to be. When we take some time to do some diggin’, we unearth testimonies that amount to treasure. Or as my Gullah kin would say “tredjuh.” In “Diggin’ For Treasure,” you will find what I call “jewels,” […]

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Rev. Dr. Arlecia D. Simmons

The Rev. Dr. Arlecia D. Simmons is a native of Charleston, S.C.,  and has been called to help people lead abundant and faithful lives.  She is an exhorter, preacher, writer, and the Chief Encourager of Look ‘n Live Ministries, Inc., which was birthed to help people align with their divine assignments. She has earned many degrees, including her last from Duke University Divinity School. She also holds an earned doctorate degree in Mass […]

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The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair is a great “REALITY” book for married couples and anyone aspiring to be married!  Like every little girl growing up, Marcia wanted to get married and experience an immediate happily ever after.  However, after saying “I DO” her marriage seemed far from happy.  For years she found herself unhappy, unsatisfied, lonely, and even depressed. Was this the end of her dream marriage? Longing to experience a fulfilled marriage, Marcia dedicated herself to learning […]

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