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A Lenten Journey: Lessons Learned in the Wilderness

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By: Donald Hillard, Jr., D.Min


The season of Lent is a forty day period, excluding Sundays, leading up to Easter. In the early church, it was a time when believers would rededicate their lives to Christ and new converts would be instructed in matters of the faith. As we observe this sacred season, A Lenten Journey will guide our forty day consecration and draw us closer to God by providing opportunities for reflection, direction, and instruction. With each chapter, we will follow our Lord into the wilderness and watch as He suffers through every attack imaginable. This devotional has been designed with the intent to prepare you for ministry. It will cause you to examine yourself and measure your effectiveness. It will also provoke you to change, mature and grow. As you read A Lenten Journey, you will achieve a level of sobriety that will enable you to endure temptation. You will draw closer to God as He avails Himself to you in greater measures. Most importantly, you will learn the power of discipline, devotion, and spiritual preparation.