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101 Things to Do Other Than Have Sex, Hump, Bump and Grind

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By: Jennifer Lucy

101 Things to do Other than Have Sex, Hump, Bump, and Grind is designed to assist you in honoring God completely in your single state, and in your courtships. Think about it, there are many things you could be doing other than dishonoring one another and dishonoring God! This process and season of your life does not have to be draining or unbearable. It is what YOU make it! The book was inspired by conversations that I’ve had with people that did not see how someone could be in a relationship and remain sexually pure. Many did not understand someone could be single and not date just to date! When Jeff and I would tell them our story, many times they were shocked or thought my husband and I had some type of super powers. However, we are both well aware that without the power of God assisting us through our prayer and personal time with Him we would not have done this. This book is a fun, lighthearted, practical, yet serious list of things to do instead of having sex before marriage. Our prayer is that as you read this book your focus is directed to glorify God in all that you do!